1 penny 1910 SPB (1 копейка 1910 Санкт-Петербург)

1 penny 1910 SPB
Features coins
Denomination: 1 penny
Year of release: 1910
Mint: "SPB" - St. Petersburg
Metal: copper
Mintage: 26,500,000.
Weight: 3.28 grams
Diameter: 21.7 mm
Edge: reeded

Coins were issued during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II.
The obverse of the 1 penny 1910 in the center of the coin depicts the national emblem of the country - the two-headed eagle, crowned by two imperial crowns, above which is placed a large crown with two slaying of the Order of St. Andrew. State eagle holding a scepter and orb. On the breast of the eagle is the Moscow coat of arms: a shield of St. George the Victorious Great Martyr and with a spear, the rotated to the left. Around the shield chain of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle. On the wings of an eagle Around the main board located shields with the arms of Kings and the Grand Duchy - four on each wing.

Coat of arms encased in ornamental circle. In the bottom of the circle inscription - "one penny" at the top - "Russian copper coin."
On the reverse of 1 penny 1910 in the center of the face value of "1" in the upper half-disks, the right and left of the nominal five-pointed stars. Under the figures there - the word "penny" and below is a decorative divider in the form of two curved lines and a small circle between them. Under separator letters Mint - "SPB"

At the top of the semicircular Set year - "1910". Around the circumference of the coin, along the edge placed a laurel and oak branches, which are at the bottom of ribbon tied to the site.
Closed circuit consisting of the small dots separates the central part (where the face value) of the year and of the branches.
The edge surface at one penny 1910 ribbed, incisions are made vertically.

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