20 cents 1955 (USSR)

20 cents 1955 (USSR)
Denomination: 20 cents
Year of release: 1955
Metal: Nickel
Circulation: unknown
Weight: 3.4 grams
Diameter: 21.8 mm
Edge: reede

The obverse of 20 cents in 1955 in the center of the coin depicts the national emblem of the country. In the center of the emblem hammer and sickle on the background of the globe. Bottom globe light rays of the sun, to the right and left of it are the envelopes of wheat stalks. Spikes divided into equal bundles and ribbon entwined with such bond of 16 pieces. The tips of the ears closer to each other and between them is a star. State Abbreviation "USSR" is placed under the arms, the letter abbreviations are staggering, their shape is rectangular with rounded at the edges.

On the reverse of 20 cents in 1955 in the middle of an octagonal plate. It denomination written in two lines: "20 kopecks." On both sides of the shield - left oak leaves and acorns, looking down on the right - oak leaves and acorns, looking up. Over ear flap with spines forming a comb at the top right of the panel. Under the flap - the date "1955".
The edge surface at twenty cents in 1955 with ribbed herd, incisions are made vertically.

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