Coin 10 Francs 1990 (France)

10 F Liberte Egalite Fraternite RF
10 F Liberte Egalite Fraternite RF foto 1
Coin 10 Francs 1990 foto 1

10 Francs 1990 – beautiful bimetallic coin with the image of France Spirit of the Bastille. Was in regular issues during the Fifth French Republic.

Minted in Paris. Has a bimetallic structure. Aluminum bronze ring, and the ring of nickel. Edge ribbed with smooth sections. Weight: 6.5 g Diameter: 22.3 mm. The ratio of the obverse and the reverse coinage.
Coin 10 Francs 1990 foto 2

Coin 10 Francs 1990 foto 3

Coin 10 Francs 1990 foto 4

The obverse: in the center of a nickel coin is the face value of 10 F, which is 10 francs. Under it the year of issue is placed - 1990, on the sides of the year of minting posted signs Mint. In the outer ring coin inscription: LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE. Full obverse legend: 10 F 1990 LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE.
Reverse: in the center of the coin - the winged nude human figure with a torch in his hand and a star above his head (Spirit of the Bastille). On either side of the figure the letters RF. Full Reverse legend: RF. Bimetallic coins France generally enjoyed good demand for novice numismatists.

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